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Outside BJP leaders campaigning in Bengal are responsible for the increase in Covid-19 cases: Mamata | India News


TEHATTA: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Sunday that BJP leaders “from Delhi” who are bringing in “outsiders” to campaign, without evidence of Covid-19, are responsible for the increase in cases of coronavirus in the state.
The supreme of the Trinamool Congress also blamed the Electoral Commission (EC) for shortening his campaign time, by the ongoing assembly polls, by five days while turning a blind eye to his plea to hit the last three phases of the elections. polls following the increase. in cases of coronavirus.
“Delhi leaders are bringing in outsiders infected with the virus during the campaign without bothering to test for Covid-19.
“I am not saying that being infected with the virus is a crime. But the reckless act of the BJP has triggered the sudden increase in the number of coronavirus cases in recent times,” the prime minister said.
Claiming that a BJP candidate in Howrah district continued to campaign despite being infected with the virus, Banerjee asked “Why couldn’t he just sit at home and give up campaigning?”
“Our party never risks so much,” he added.
Claiming that the EC is showing an “unfavorable attitude” towards her, the prime minister said: “Before they had taken a whole day from my campaign. Now, in the last three phases, they have reduced the campaign time by 4 days. As a result, I will not be able to address 20 meetings in the South Bengal districts. ”
Warning people not to allow “outsiders to occupy Bengal”, the supreme of TMC said: “This election is to save the honor of the women of Bengal and safeguard the integrity of the state.”
Reminding the electorate that he did not allow the exercise of the National Register of Population (NPR) in Bengal, he said: “Remember that your vote is important to prevent them (BJP) from coming to power, to prevent them from introducing NPR, National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) “.
“When people protest against misdeeds and oppression, the BJP instigates dismissal and kills people. BJP only knows how to loot, instigate riots and kill people,” Banerjee alleged.
Wishing people on the occasion of the proximity of Annapurna Puja, Basanti Puja, Ramnavami and Ramadan, he sang ‘Chandi shlokas’ and then wished members of the Muslim community.

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