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False scare: aircraft returns to bay after passenger sees “heavy fuel leak” from wing | India News


NEW DELHI: A “heavy fuel leak” seen by a passenger on an IndiGo aircraft taxiing to operate from Chennai to Coimbatore on Friday (April 16) led the Airbus A320 to return to the original bay. Subsequent checks on the aircraft revealed that it was not a fuel leak that the passenger had seen and reported to the crew, but rather that water had accumulated in the aileron area after heavy rains in Chennai.
The false scare occurred on an Airbus A320 (VT-IKC) as it proceeded to operate on 6E-238. “A passenger informed the cabin crew of the strong right wing leak, who in turn informed the pilot that a ground turn was made back to the bay for inspections. The aircraft was checked and everything – quantity and levels of fuel and hydraulics – turned out to be fine, ”said the sources.
The incident had “occurred due to the accumulation of water in the spoiler area as a result of the heavy rains in Chennai,” they added.

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