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Devendra Fadnavis breaks into the police station to “rescue” the pharmaceutical co-director | India News

MUMBAI: The superiority game between the MVA government and the opposition over the supply of remdesivir reached an all-time low on Saturday night when a director of a pharmaceutical company who had been contacted by the BJP to provide the antiviral drug was picked up for questioning by the police and opposition leaders in the legislature rushed to the BKC police station to rescue him.
In video clips that went viral on Sunday, Devendra Fadnavis, leader of the opposition in the assembly, was seen in a heated conversation with the police about the arrest of Rajesh Dokania, director of Bruck Pharma. Praveen Darekar, leader of the opposition in the legislative council, also questioned the police.

Devendra Fadnavis breaks into the police station to "rescue" the pharmaceutical co-director | India News

Police said they were acting on intelligence that remdesivir stocks were going to be illegally transported abroad, but the BJP said the government was harassing Dokania because the party had approached their company to supply remdesivir to the state to combat the Covid-19.
Maharashtra Interior Minister Dilip Walse Patil said he had ordered an investigation into the events at the police station. “It was very inappropriate for Fadnavis and Darekar to interfere in the police administration. Police were investigating specific information. Owner [of Bruck] he was called to the police station for more information. There is nothing wrong with that, ”he said.
BJP MLC Prasad Lad, who said he had asked Bruck’s manufacturing unit at Daman & Diu to supply the injections a few days ago, also accompanied Fadnavis and Darekar to the police station.
While ruling party politicians made allegations of foul play and said there was a ban on the acquisition of the scarce drug by anyone other than the state government, Fadnavis said the drug company had obtained all permits and was providing the injections to the state and nobody. the rest.
“The BJP is not buying the drug. We are acquiring it for Maharashtra and the Food and Drug Administration has approved it. If it was illegal, why would the FDA deliver the letter? In fact, two days ago Darekar met with the minister and told him that the FDA should buy it. We never asked BJP for permission to buy it, ”Fadnavis said.
Dokania had been questioned for more than an hour and a half before Fadnavis’ arrival. DCP (Zone VIII) Manjunath Singe was questioning Dokania and officials from the Food and Drug Administration were also present.
Dokania had been called in for questioning from his home in Kandivli around 8:30 pm. He was allowed to return home around midnight, after Fadnavis, Darekar and Lad clashed with police officers.
A police officer said they had information that remdesivir stocks would be shipped overseas by air cargo despite the export ban. The official said that at least 60,000 vials of Bruck Pharma’s remdesivir had been stored in different locations including Vile Parle, Malad, Kandivli and some locations in South Mumbai.
“DCP and his team are investigating the reason for the alleged storage of 60,000 vials at the exporter’s unit rather than distributing them to the local market at a time when Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray has repeatedly mentioned that they are running short on vials. . So far there has been no case, seizure or arrest in the matter, ”said a police source.
In a press release issued Sunday night, police said Fadnavis asked why the pharmacy manager had been called to the police station. He said permission was taken from the FDA commissioner to donate stock of remdesevir vials to the state government as remdesevir stored for export could not be diverted to the domestic market without approval from the Comptroller General of Medicines of India (DGCI). ) or the FDA. . Police said communication from the FDA to the pharmaceutical company was not available at the BKC police station, which was acting independently on the information available with it.
Mumbai police spokesman DCP S Chaitanya said these events were explained to opposition leaders. “They were informed that the necessary legal action will be taken against those who illegally hoard remdesevir. Senior Mumbai Police officers were present. The director of the pharmaceutical company was questioned and then allowed to go after asking him to be present for the investigation every time he was called, “he said.
Shiv Sena spokeswoman Priyanka Chaturvedi accused the BJP and the Center of disobeying the rules in times of the pandemic and of playing against the state.
PNC Minister Nawab Malik said it was regrettable that BJP politicians rushed to the police station at midnight to defend the cause of a “black hoarder and merchant.”
The president of the state Congress, Nana Patole, urged the CM to take immediate action against Fadnavis and Darekar.
Police sources said the entire drama could have been avoided if Lad had responded to police efforts to contact him about remdesivir stocks, but said the politician turned off his phone, after which the police had to question Dokania.

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