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Raising curbs at driveways: Poonawalla to POTUS | India News


MUMBAI: Serum Institute of India Executive Director Adar Poonawalla on Friday urged the US government to lift restrictions on the shipment of several key inputs used by the pharmaceutical industry to produce Covid-19 vaccines.
“Respected @POTUS (US President), If we really want to come together to defeat this virus, on behalf of the vaccine industry outside the US, I humbly ask that you lift the embargo on commodity exports premiums outside the US so that vaccine production may increase. His administration has the details, ”Poonawalla tweeted on Friday. From key chemicals to filters and bags, the US and the EU are seen as withholding supplies for pharmaceutical companies outside of their territory to ensure their citizens have sufficient access to medicines and vaccines.
“The United States has invoked the Defense Act and has prohibited the export of raw materials. This is as good as banning vaccines. All companies face difficulties because of this, ”Poonawalla said recently.

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