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PM Narendra Modi Says Mamata Banerjee ‘Makes Politics With The Dead’, Alleges Wiretapping | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday accused the Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee of “doing politics with the dead,” calling it “an old habit” of hers. Mamata responded by accusing Modi of “intercepting” her phone calls and said it would be within the scope of a CID investigation that she had ordered. “Aren’t you ashamed to wiretap a CM’s phone? I should resign as prime minister, ”he said.
Their war of words came a day after BJP released an audiotape of an alleged conversation between Mamata and Trinamool candidate Sitalkuchi, Partha Pratim Ray, after CISF’s April 10 firing that killed four people.
“The tape reveals how Didi asks a TMC leader to keep the bodies. You hear him say that the party will hold a rally with the bodies, “Modi said at a rally in Asansol. “The tapes show how Didi is trying to profit from the unfortunate deaths. How far will you go for the vote bank? Modi said.
At Katwa in East Burdwan, Mamata said the CID had been asked to track down the people responsible for wiretapping their phone conversations, adding that even the PM was within the scope of the investigation.

PM Narendra Modi Says Mamata Banerjee 'Makes Politics With The Dead', Alleges Wiretapping | India News

Modi’s statements at the Asansol rally were a direct “admission” that some CMs were under telephone surveillance, Mamata said. “The probe will not exclude you. You must respond (to this allegation of surveillance) or resign … We may be politically opposed to you, but at least we value the seat you occupy, ”he said, reminding the prime minister that the Supreme Court had upheld the right to privacy. “The BJP people have nothing to talk about, so they are listening to my conversation.”
“I never said anything bad (on the tape). They killed those children. They were barely 20-25 years old. I had said to keep the bodies … (and that) I would go the next day. How could I have gone that day? Could I have gone there on Election Day? I am not a Cooch Behar voter. So I said, keep the bodies. He had also told the media that he would go to Sitalkuchi the next day. But then the Electoral Commission said that he couldn’t go there for 72 hours. What does (the tape) prove? Does it prove anything at all? she asked.
In Asansol, the prime minister had said that Mamata’s strategy would not work because the people of Bengal had already “formed a morcha” against him. “Trinamool has shattered after four survey phases. Didi and bhatija (Mamata’s nephew and MP Abhishek Banerjee) will be beaten after eight phases. She is disturbed that her team cannot cast chhappa votes, ”he said.
“People have not been able to forget how their rights were taken away during the 2018 panchayat poll. Trinamool filled 20,000 panchayats with extortionists. And the candidates who won even after all this had to take refuge out of state. But that won’t happen this time. That is why Didi is afraid. Chitto jetha bhoye akranto (Where the mind lives in fear), ”Modi said, reversing Tagore’s“ Chitto jetha bhoy sunyo (Where the mind is without fear) ”.
The Prime Minister listed as to dates in southern Gangarampur of Dinajpur how Mamata had been abusing him. “Tum sala khuni ka raja, the CM told me on March 26. This is an insult to the rich tradition, culture and language of Bengal. Do you approve of this kind of language against the prime minister? ” I ask.
“Didi is arrogant. She looks down on others. She hides the prime minister’s meetings with the CMs about crown. She does not attend Niti Ayog meetings. She is above the Constitution. She doesn’t cooperate when core teams come here to help the state government. It attacks the central forces, puts pressure on the Electoral Commission and makes false accusations against the armed forces ”.
Later, Modi accused the Trinamool government of “standing as a wall” between the poor of Bengal and a Union government that wanted to transfer benefits to them. “But now the confrontation will end, the cooperation will begin,” he said.
The prime minister also pointed out how a Trinamool official had allegedly insulted the Matuas and Namasudras, disciples of Guruchand Thakur and Harichand Takur and followers of Yogendra Nath Mandal, and called them “beggars”. “Didi didn’t say a word to that colleague from Trinamool,” he said.
Modi told the meeting how a BJP government in Bengal would start granting citizenship to refugees after May 2. “Why did Didi oppose citizenship to refugees? But don’t worry, the BJP government in Bengal will grant you citizenship after May 2. People have formed a morcha against Didi. They will give you the ‘previous CM certificate,’ ”he said.
Interior Minister Amit Shah also held election rallies in Chopra in northern Dinajpur and Amdanga in northern 24-Parganas.
CM Mamata criticized Modi for his alleged “misplaced priorities,” including campaigning in Bengal rather than leading the fight against a resurgent pandemic. “The country is witnessing an emergency due to the increase in Covid cases. And he is campaigning for elections in Bengal, ”he said.

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