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Patients Struggle to Breathe, Maharashtra and Center Struggle for O2 Supply | India News


NEW DELHI: Stating that the Center is ensuring maximum oxygen production and is currently producing 110% of capacity and diverting all available resources from industrial use to medical use, Minister of Railroad and Consumer Affairs Piyush Goyal said That is sad to see Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray’s “tricks” on oxygen.
Goyal said that Maharashtra is suffering at the hands of an inept and corrupt government and that the Center is doing its best. Sad to see Uddhav Thackeray’s tricks on oxygen. The government of India, with all stakeholders, is ensuring maximum oxygen production, “Goyal said in a series of tweets.
The minister said Maharashtra has received the most oxygen so far. “The Center is in daily contact with state governments to assess their needs and help them in the best possible way,” he added.
Goyal said: “Just yesterday, the prime minister in his review said that the Center and the states should work synergistically in this crisis … He (Thackeray) needs to stop his daily dose of shameless politics and take responsibility,” said the Minister.
The BJP member responded after Thackeray’s office claimed that the CM tried to contact PM Modi about shortages of oxygen and Remdesivir, but was told that he was visiting Bengal, that he was at the polls. Later, the Minister of Minority Affairs of Maharashtra, Nawab Malik, accused Modi of being busy in the elections while “people are dying.”
Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said Malik’s claims were full of half-truths and lies. Malik had claimed that Remdesivir units are seeking permission to sell drugs for export, but the Center denies this. “I ask you (Mallik) to share the list of these 16 companies, the stock availability and the WHO-GMP with them. Our government is committed to doing everything possible to help our people, ”Mandaviya said.

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