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“Humility, Clear Vaccination Strategy, Income Support” Needed to Contain Covid Harm: Rahul Gandhi News from India


NEW DELHI: As the country was reeling from a fierce wave of Covid-19, Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi alleged Saturday that the government“Arrogance and suppression of the truth is killing people.”
He suggested that a clear vaccination strategy and income support are needed to contain the damage caused by the virus.

“We need humility, a clear vaccination strategy and income support to contain this virus and its related harms.
“The mixture of arrogance and repression of the truth of the Government of India is killing thousands of people,” he said in a tweet.
In a video attached to the tweet, he launched what he called the “constant declaration of victory” and a “sense of arrogance” on the part of the government with his claim that “we have done it.”
“It is the nature of this government, the form of its action, that is causing this problem,” he alleged.
The former head of Congress claimed that the government “has removed all our alert systems and closed them.”
“And, we are in the middle of the ocean and a storm. And, now the ship has no idea where to go,” he said about the situation arising from the pandemic.
In another tweet, he also accused the Prime Minister of being responsible for the current Covid situation in the country.
A record single-day increase of 2,34,692 cases and 1,341 deaths has brought India’s Covid-19 count to 1.45,26,609 and the death toll due to the viral disease to 1.75,649, it said on Saturday. the Ministry of Health.
The number of active coronavirus cases in the country has passed the 16 lakh mark, ministry data updated at 8 a.m. showed.

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