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Covid has struck with fury; despite a year of preparation, we were caught off guard again: Sonia Gandhi | India News


NEW DELHI: Accusing the Modi government of “serious unpreparedness” and “adhocism” in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday made a series of suggestions to the Center to address the pandemic, how to reduce the vaccination age. at the age of 25 and providing financial support to people.
In his opening remarks, while chairing the Congressional Working Committee (CWC) meeting, Gandhi also accused the Center of giving preferential treatment to some states while maintaining a “thunderous silence” on requests from states governed by Congress. and opposition parties.
Congress has always believed that fighting the Covid-19 pandemic is a national challenge that must be kept above party politics, he said.
“We have extended our hands of cooperation since February-March 2020. However, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the country with fury. Despite a year to prepare, Sadly, I’ve been caught off guard again, “Gandhi said.
Instead of listening to the opposition’s constructive suggestions, Union ministers are pressured to attack opposition leaders for making those suggestions, he said.
“This convoluted ‘me versus you’ debate is childish and totally unnecessary,” Gandhi said.
Making a series of suggestions to the government, he said the Center should also reconsider its priority for vaccine candidates by lowering the vaccination age to 25 years or more, as does all younger people with at-risk health conditions like asthma. , angina, diabetes, kidney. and liver diseases and other similar ailments.
“In the course of my conversations with our chief ministers, the issue of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) came up. They considered that, as a preliminary measure, all the equipment, instruments, medicines and support necessary to prevent and treat Covid- 19 should be GST free, “Gandhi said.
It is of great concern that life-saving drugs like Remdesivir and medical oxygen, as well as other basic supplements, are subject to a GST of 12 percent, the head of Congress said.
“As the central and state governments move forward to control the situation by resorting to partial curfews, travel restrictions, lockdowns and lockdowns; we will again be restricting economic activity that will affect the already besieged people, especially the poor and gambling. daily, “she said.
Therefore, it is imperative to provide monthly income support and transfer an amount of 6,000 rupees into the account of each eligible citizen, Gandhi said.
Taking on these challenging times as Indians rather than political opponents will be a true ‘Rajadharma’, he emphasized.
The CWC meeting was also attended by former party chief Rahul Gandhi, general secretaries, other permanent guests, and party state officials.

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