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Covid-19: Need to increase vaccine production, ensure availability of beds, says PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting on Saturday to review the Covid-19 situation in India amid a rapid spread of infections across the country.
During the meeting, which was attended by senior officials, the Prime Minister said there is no substitute for testing, monitoring and treating strategy when it comes to tackling the pandemic.
“Early testing and adequate follow-up remain critical to reducing mortality,” he said.
Prime Minister Modi told officials that India had defeated Covid last year and that it can do so again on the same principles but with greater speed and coordination.
The Prime Minister stressed that local administrations must be proactive and sensitive to people’s concerns amid the second wave of infections.
He directed that close coordination with the states should be guaranteed in the management of the pandemic.
He said that all necessary measures should be taken to increase the availability of hospital beds for Covid patients.
This occurs amid several states that report limited bed availability due to an increase in hospitalizations. There have also been reports of hospitals turning away patients due to lack of beds.
The Prime Minister ordered that the additional supply of beds be guaranteed through temporary hospitals and isolation centers to address the problem.
He also reviewed the status of the supply of remdesivir and other drugs amid growing demand.
The Prime Minister was briefed on the actions taken to address the problem of the availability of remdesivir, a key drug to combat Covid.
“Thanks to government efforts, the increased capacity and production for the manufacture of Remdesivir has been increased to provide around 74.10 lakh vials / month in May, while the normal production in January-February is only 27-29 lakh vials / month. Supplies have also increased from 67,900 vials on April 11 to more than 2.06,000 vials on April 15, 2021, which are particularly targeting states with high numbers of cases and high demand, “the PMO said in a statement.
Prime Minister Modi also took note of the increased production capacity and ordered that problems related to real-time supply chain management to states must be urgently resolved in coordination with states.
The Prime Minister ordered that the use of remdesivir and other drugs must be in accordance with approved medical guidelines, and that their misuse and black marketing must be strictly controlled.
On the issue of medical oxygen supply, the Prime Minister ordered the installation of approved medical oxygen plants to be accelerated.
He also reviewed the state of availability and supply of fans in the country.
The Prime Minister noted that a real-time monitoring system has been created for it. He indicated that states must be sensitized to use the system proactively.
On the issue of vaccination, the Prime Minister ordered all officials to make efforts to use all national capacity to increase production.
The meeting comes at a time when India is grappling with an unprecedented surge in coronavirus infections.
On Saturday morning, India reported more than 2.34 lakh of new cases and more than 1,300 deaths.

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