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TMC seeks club from last three phases of Bengal polls in all-party meeting | India News


CALCUTTA: On Friday, the ruling Trinamool Congress sought to leverage the last three phases of the assembly elections after the fifth round on Saturday considering the alarming situation of Covid in West Bengal.
After Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had raised the idea of ​​conducting polls for the remaining phases in one sitting the day before, TMC Secretary General Partha Chatterjee sought to turn the last three rounds of voting into one in a meeting with the electoral director (CEO) Ariz Aftab here.
The Election Commission had ruled out on Thursday the possibility of holding the last three phases of the assembly elections together in West Bengal, saying that “(there is) no such plan of clubbing phases.”
Leaving an all-party meeting called by the CEO, Chatterjee said that in order to save people’s lives and control Covid-19 infections while allowing candidates enough time to campaign, the Election Commission must strike a balance.
“We have told the commission that in order to provide the people with adequate health care facilities in the midst of the Covid situation, the last three phases can be combined into one, while ensuring that the democratic rights of the people are respected.” Chatterjee told reporters.
He said that all stakeholders, including candidates, political parties and the general public, have a role to play in controlling the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
The fifth stage of the eight-phase assembly elections for the 294-member Bengal House is scheduled for Saturday with the next three rounds taking place on April 22, 26 and 29.
A total of 114 seats are expected to be voted in in the last three phases.
At least five candidates from different parties contesting the current assembly elections in Bengal have tested positive for Covid-19.
Of them, three are from the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and one from the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) and the BJP, an official from the state health department said.

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