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Six Street Vendors Arrested with Heroin and Cannabis in Jammu | India News


JAMMU: Continuing their campaign against the drug threat, J&K police arrested six street vendors in the Jammu region on Friday and seized 75g of heroin (chitta) and cannabis (charas) from them.
Police arrested two narcotics traffickers along with 55g of heroin that was recovered from them in a naka set up below the Bahu Fort police station.
“A police team from Bahu Fort Police Station led by SHO Deepak Pathania managed to arrest two suspects identified as Irshad Ahmed and Tariq Ahmed from Damhal Hanjipura in Kulgam, near the JDA parking lot when they were suspiciously stalking and trying to flee to see the They were persecuted and, when they were searched, they seized 55 grams of heroin, “said police sources.
Meanwhile, a group of police from Udhampur Police Station led by Inspector Chanchal Singh recovered 20 grams of heroin from a vehicle that was stopped for search while driving towards Udhampur. Two street vendors, Shakil Ahmed from Kheri, Udhampur and Hamid Ali from Thard, also in Udhampur, were arrested.
In the third incident, Akhnoor police arrested two drug dealers with charas on Friday. The defendants have been identified as Rohit Singh from Naiwala camp in Akhnoor and Rohit Samotra from Bhalwal Brahmana in Jammu.
Cases have been registered against the six defendants and further investigations are under way.

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