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Railways allows the transport of liquid medical oxygen in tanker trucks under the RO-RO scheme | India News


NEW DELHI: The railroad board approved the Maharashtra government’s request for the transportation of liquid medical oxygen in cryogenic tankers by rail on Friday. These will be transported under the Roll on Roll Off (RO-RO) scheme, which means that trucks loaded with liquid medical oxygen in cryogenic tanks will be placed on rail cars for quick movement.
The Ministry of Railways transmitted the decision to all its general managers in all zones and this arrangement will be allowed until October 15, 2021. Cryogenic tanks are used for the storage of liquids such as oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium.
Maharashtra has been struggling to obtain adequate liquid medical oxygen to meet demand due to the increase in Covid cases. Demand is also high in neighboring Gujarat and other states are likely to experience similar situations due to the high number of infections.
The railway board has established specifications on payload and other aspects to put into operation the rapid transport mechanism of liquid medical oxygen. He said the railroads will not impose peak season charges or development charges for such shipments.
Two people will be allowed to accompany the trucks, including the driver, who will need to carry second-class tickets for the trip and the consignee will take the necessary precautions.

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