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Rahul Gandhi criticizes the government’s Covid-19 strategy | India News


NEW DELHI: Investigating the governmentCongressional leader Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that his strategy to combat the Covid-19 pandemic consisted of imposing a ‘Tughlaqi lockdown’, ringing bells and singing praises to the Lord.
The opposition led by Congress has been criticizing the government for its handling of the pandemic and the vaccination campaign, while the Center has maintained that its timely steps have been critical in the fight against Covid-19.
In a Hindi tweet, Gandhi said: “The central government’s Covid-19 strategy: Stage 1: Impose a lockdown in Tughlaqi, Stage 2: Ring the bells, Stage 3: Sing praises to the Lord.”

Congress in the past has also compared some of the government’s decisions with those made by the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, Muhammad bin Tughlaq, to ​​claim they were arbitrary and not well thought out.
The party has also criticized the government for its so-called ‘taali-thaali’ last year in which people across India applauded, rang bells, blew conch shells, and beat metal plates in solidarity with health workers fighting it. new coronavirus.
Later, on Instagram, Gandhi posted a video of his comments to the media on this day last year when he had spoken about the blockade that provides time to improve health infrastructure and contrasted it with a video report of how there is a massive shortage of resources to fight the pandemic today.
“A year later, our people continue to suffer, our infrastructure continues to crumble and our prime minister continues to move away from his responsibilities,” he said in his post.
Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called on people to follow appropriate Covid behavior, such as wearing masks and taking other precautions.
“We have to win this battle together with caution and compassion,” he said in a Hindi tweet.

Rahul Gandhi’s attack on the government came amid a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the country with a record 2,17,353 new infections, bringing India’s total Covid-19 cases to 1, 42,91,917 on Friday.

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