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EC Makes Record Seizures Worth Over Rs 1 Billion In Ongoing Assembly Elections | India News


New Delhi: Total seizures of cash, liquor, drugs, gifts, etc. Not counted in the current surveys to five state assemblies / UT have crossed Rs 1,000 crore, surpassing the figure registered in all the electoral processes of previous assemblies. Cumulative seizures in the latest round of these state polls in 2016 were just Rs 226 million.
While the increase in overall seizures in the five states / UT reaches almost 343% since 2016, in West Bengal alone seizures increased by almost 581%, from 44 million rupees to 300 million rupees on April 15. There are still four voting phases. remaining in West Bengal, with the next phase scheduled for Saturday.
Among the four states of West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and UT de Puducherry, the total seizures in West Bengal remain below the 446 million rupees recorded in Tamil Nadu, where the single-phase survey was completed on 6 of April. Assam reported seizures worth Rs 122 crore, Kerala Rs 85 crore and Puducherry Rs 37 crore.
Cash seizures in the five states, as well as by-elections on April 15, totaled Rs 345 crore, liquor Rs 85 crore, drugs Rs 162 crore, gifts Rs 139 crore and precious metals Rs 271 crore.
So far, West Bengal has reported seizures of 51 million rupees in cash, liquor worth 30 million rupees, drugs worth 119 million rupees, gifts worth 88 million rupees and precious metals worth 12 million rupees.
Cash seizures were highest in Tamil Nadu (Rs 237 crore), the highest liquor in Assam (Rs 42 crore), the highest drugs in West Bengal (Rs 119 crore), the highest gifts in West Bengal (Rs 88 crore) and the highest precious metals in Tamil Nadu (176 crore rupees).
The EC had deployed 5 special expenditure observers in these surveys and 321
observers for close monitoring. Additionally, 259 assembly constituencies were marked as spending-sensitive districts for a more focused vigil.
“The stupendous increase in seizure figures is due to better preparation and a multi-pronged strategy by the Commission. The Commission conducted extensive reviews at various levels that included review meetings with state / UT enforcement agencies, meetings with the secretary of revenue; President of CBDT; Chairman and Director of CBIC FIU-Ind for Interagency Cooperation and Real-Time Intelligence Sharing, ”said EC on Friday.
The EC also convened meetings with secretaries, main secretaries (household), DGP, commissioned secretaries of excise / special taxes, DG of income taxes, police and CAPF nodal officials from all states linked to the polls / UT and states neighbors, as well as MHA and rail officials. , to ensure comprehensive monitoring.
Under the law, the distribution of cash and gifts during the electoral process with the intention of influencing voters is not allowed and that expense is included in the definition of “bribery”, which is a crime in both the 171B of the IPC as in the PR Law of 1951. Spending on such items is illegal. The campaign against the threat of monetary power will continue vigorously in the remaining phases of the elections and the seizure figures are expected to rise further.

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