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Covid infections also disrupt the supreme court’s virtual hearing | India News


NEW DELHI: Given the alarming increase in Covid-19 cases among Supreme Court personnel, South Carolina justices had retired from courtrooms to their residences last week to conduct a virtual hearing of the cases through videoconferences. But, by Thursday, the coronavirus reached the judges’ residences and caused an abrupt interruption of the court hearing.
After single-day tests of around 100 employees in the SC returned positive Covid results for 45% of them, the SC judges decided to operate from their residences. However, in the past week, the virus infected the majority of SC staff, who operate out of the judges’ residences.
On Thursday a bank had to stop listening abruptly in the middle of the morning. TOI spoke to the judge and found that he had examined his residential staff the day before. “While listening to the case, I was told that the test reports of eight of my staff … had tested positive for Covid-19,” he said. The bench resumed the hearing in the afternoon. The second wave has infected a SC judge.

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