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Bengal Election Schedule Must Be Maintained, Left Front Says All Parties Meet On Covid News From India


CALCUTTA: The Left Front said at an all-party meeting convened by the Electoral Director (CEO) on the alarming Covid-19 situation in West Bengal on Friday that the voting schedule should be maintained, said CPI MP Bikash Bhattacharya (M) Rajya Sabha here.
Of the eight-phase assembly elections in the state, four phases have been completed and the remaining four are scheduled to take place April 17-29.
“Our point is that the schedule should be kept. The election is on. There is no question of schedule change at this time,” Bhattacharya said after the all-party meeting.
Trinamool Congress Chief and Supreme Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday urged the Election Commission to think about conducting polls for the remaining seats in the assembly in one go.
West Bengal CEO Aariz Aftab convened the all-party meeting following instructions from the Calcutta High Courts to him and all state district magistrates to ensure strict implementation of the Covid-19 protocol during the campaign to the remaining phases of the election.
Bhattacharya said it was agreed at the meeting that campaigns, including public meetings, for the next phases of the elections can be conducted in compliance with the Covid-19 protocol.
He said clubbing on election dates was not on the agenda.
“Someone wanted to raise the issue, but it was not discussed in detail,” said the CPI leader (M).
Bhattacharya said that the Left Front said at the meeting that it is adhering to the Covid-19 protocol during the campaign and will continue to do so.
“There is no accusation against the Left Front that it is not following Covid guidelines,” he said.

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