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The state government should inform the people of when to take Remdesivir, says Gujarat HC | India News

GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat High Court on Thursday, in a suo motu case regarding the Covid-19 situation in the state, said
that the state government should inform people about when to take the Remdesivir injection.
“You should inform people about when to take the Remdesivir injection,” the Gujarat High Court said. The court further asked the state government whether tests are being conducted in all cities, Gujarat taluka or not.
The court further asked: “You say that only 53 percent of beds are occupied, so why is there so much noise about beds not being available in private and government hospitals?”
“We have asked the manufacturers to increase the production of Remdesivir”, presented the Gujarat government to the High Court, Attorney General Kamal Trivedi, said that the suggestions we have given, were not followed and that is why the tsunami cases have come of Covid-19.

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