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Take concrete measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19: Priyanka Gandhi to the UP government | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional Leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday called on the Uttar Pradesh government to take concrete steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, saying it is “useless” to spend time and resources “hiding” this tragedy.
On Twitter, the secretary general of Congress also tagged a video allegedly showing the Baikunth Dham crematorium in Lucknow covered by opaque screens.
“There is a request to the government of Uttar Pradesh: It is useless to invest time, resources and energy in hiding, suppressing this tragedy,” Priyanka Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet.
“Take concrete measures to stop the pandemic, save lives and prevent the spread of the infection. This is the need of the moment,” he said.
The congressional leader on Wednesday accused the Uttar Pradesh government of hiding coronavirus numbers, saying that if they had been cautious from day one, people would not have witnessed those moments.
She made the comments while speaking to state party leaders during a virtual meeting.

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