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Keep Grocery Stores And Pharmacies Out Of Curfew Restrictions: Hub To The States News From India


NEW DELHI: The Center has advised states to keep grocery stores, pharmacies, pharmacists and grocery stores out of the Section 144 restriction to ensure there are no shortages of essential supplies. Several states have announced night and weekend curfews, while the Maharashtra government has imposed a statewide curfew until the end of April.
In a letter addressed to all the major secretaries of food and consumer affairs in the states, the ministry of consumer affairs also urged them to ensure that prices of basic goods do not rise and that they are available to the people at a fair price. , except in cases where there is fluctuation in the cost of raw materials or exchange prices.
Officials said that while the state government should be doing what is necessary, the Center’s warning is intended to alert them to take the necessary steps to ensure there is no hoarding of essential products to artificially boost prices.
“Joint civilian food and supply, legal metrology, food safety controller, and police teams can be formed at the state and district level for effective enforcement and enforcement activities to prevent supply and demand mismatch, hoarding and exorbitant commodity prices, “said the letter from the ministry’s additional secretary, Nidhi Khare.
States have been urged to conduct publicity and awareness activities to sensitize people and address their concerns, which will help mitigate the panic-driven commodity shopping shift. The Center has also suggested to states that they have a hotline number for consumers to file complaints so that authorities can take the necessary steps to ensure adequate availability of essential supplies.

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