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Hosabole calls for the early return of the Hindus of Kashmir to their homeland | India News


New Delhi: In his first major public intervention after assuming the post of deputy secretary general of RSS, Dattatreya Hosabole made a strong pitch on Wednesday for the return of Hindus from Kashmir to their homeland, while firmly supporting the government of Modi against the “campaign” to discredit that.
“There are vested interests that have launched a campaign against the government. There is a lot of development going on for which the government is making concerted efforts. The people of the country must come together and make the world aware of the positive works that are being carried out in Jammu and Kashmir, ”he said.
Hosabole, the newly appointed number 2 in the RSS, said that while the repeal of Articles 370 and 35-A marked a historic turning point in the history of Jammu and Kashmir, the priority now should be to ensure the rehabilitation of Hindus in Kashmir. who were forced to flee their home due to terrorist violence.
“Let us pledge that the Hindu community of Kashmir, who was displaced decades ago, will return to their homeland and be rehabilitated with dignity,” Hosabole said while addressing the closing ceremony of the three-day Navreh (New Year) festival organized by the Sanjivani Sharda Kendra inspired by RSS.
He said he had a firm view that the Kashmiri people, who had to emigrate from their homeland in 1989-90 due to violence inflicted on them by terrorist organizations, are being rehabilitated and celebrating the coming new year in their places of origin.
“This was the seventh displacement of Hindus from Kashmir in 1989-90, which happened when the country was free and there was democracy. However, the repeal of Sections 370 and 35-A is a new beginning and the Hindu community of Kashmir is in a historic turn as the land of Jammu and Kashmir is now a full-fledged Indian territory where the law of the country it is effective and the atmosphere is also conducive to the rehabilitation of the Hindu community, who live as refugees in their own country, ”said the RSS official.
Hosabole also said that the central government is doing an immense job for the reconstruction of Jammu Kashmir, but there are vested interests, which are spreading distorted facts, which must be countered globally.
The RSS official said that the struggles of the Hindus in Kashmir, who refused to surrender to religious fanatics, are an inspiration to the entire country. “I bow my head to all Hindus in Kashmir, who have suffered immensely for decades when they had to leave their homeland and live a miserable life,” he added.
Citing examples of Hindu icons such as Rana Pratap, Shivaji, the RSS official said that the steadfastness and willpower of these great Indians remains an inspiration, which will help in the rehabilitation of the Hindus of Kashmir. He also recalled how the Sikh gurus Tegh Bahadur and Govind Singh had responded to help the Hindus in Kashmir when the Mughals pressured them to become a religion.
He said that the promise of Jews and Tibetans to return to their home countries are inspirations, as while Jews returned to Israel in 1948 after staying away for several years, Tibetans are still fighting with China and are expected to do so as well. someday. .
The three-day celebrations began with Vijay Divas (“Shaurya Divas”) to commemorate King Lalitaditya’s victory over the Arabs in the 8th century and the “Day of Tyag and Samarpan” to remember the virtues of Shriya Bhat, the Kashmiri pandit. 15th century who made a great contribution in saving the Hindu culture in Kashmir.

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