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Government relaxes process to reissue OCI cards | India News


NEW DELHI: On Thursday, the government relaxed the rules for the reissue of the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cards.
The Interior Ministry in a statement said that currently, the OCI card is required to be reissued each time a new passport is issued until age 20 and after reaching 50 years of age.
To make it easier for OCI cardholders, the government has now decided to waive this requirement.
“A person who registered as an OCI card holder before turning 20 will now have to reissue the OCI card only once when a new passport is issued after turning 20 years of age, in order to capture their facial features upon reaching adulthood, “the statement said.
If a person has obtained registration as an OCI card holder after the age of 20, there will be no requirement to reissue the OCI card.
“To update the data on new passports obtained by the OCI card holder, you will need to upload a copy of the new passport with your photo and also a more recent photo on the OCI online portal, each time a new passport is issued until for 20 years of age and once after his 50th birthday, “the ministry said.
The OCI card is very popular among foreigners of Indian origin and the spouses of foreign origin of Indian citizens or OCI card holders as it helps them to seamlessly enter and stay unlimited in India.
The Indian government has issued around 37.72 lakhs of OCI cards so far.

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