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Chhattisgarh Deputy Director of Health Dies from Covid Despite Receiving 2 Vaccine Injections | India News


RAIPUR: Subhash Pandey, Deputy Director of Chhattisgarh Health Services, died of Covid-19 at AIIMS-Raipur on Wednesday. The 64-year-old man had taken his second dose of the Covid vaccine in the last week of March, sources say.
A patient with hypertension and diabetes, he had contracted coronavirus last year and was treated in home isolation. This time, Pandey was hospitalized Monday with a fever and a mild cough. His health deteriorated Tuesday night and he was put on a ventilator, but he did not respond to oxygen support and passed away, Raipur AIIMS director Dr. Nitin M. Nagarkar said.
The head of microbiology at Ambedkar Hospital, Dr. Arvind Neral, said that TOI antibodies against Covid form four to six weeks after the second dose of vaccine. TNN
Dr. Pandey was a year away from retirement
According to the American Journal of Medical Association, if someone becomes re-infected after an effective vaccination, they may not become seriously ill and their oxygen level may remain fine, Dr. Neral said. “In most cases, they will not need respiratory assistance. However, rare and rare cases are possible everywhere. If it is happening to 1% of people, it cannot be said that immunization is not effective ”, he explained.
Dr. Pandey was a year away from retirement. Chhattisgarh health service doctors are retiring at age 65.

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