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SC makes the Covid-19 test mandatory for people who enter its facilities with symptoms | India News


NEW DELHI: In light of mounting concerns amid a sudden surge in Covid-19 cases and as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the infection, the Supreme Court has made testing for Covid-19 mandatory for all people who enter its facilities with symptoms of the disease.
The Supreme Court has presented additional guidelines for those who enter the premises, which state that “all persons who enter the premises of the Supreme Court, that is, registration personnel, personnel of coordinating agencies, attorneys and their staff, etc., if they show any symptoms similar to people notified of Covid-19 infection they will undergo a rapid test / RT-PCR. ”
All control officers will ensure that personnel under their control wear masks, maintain physical distance and frequently disinfect or wash their hands and follow the appropriate behavior prescribed by Covid-19, according to the circular issued by the higher court.
It also indicated that people with reported symptoms such as fever, cough, body aches, loss of taste and smell, diarrhea, etc. They should restrict themselves from going to the office / premises, isolate themselves immediately and seek medical attention.
The circular further added that there will be no overcrowding or loitering on campus and movement in common areas must be for specific purposes only and completed within the minimum time.
The lift should not be used by more than three people at a time and should only be used to go up; stairs must be used to go down stairs, he added.
“The aforementioned measures will be added to the existing protocols that are already in force, the circulars issued by the Registry from time to time, and the other measures that have been taken with a view to containing the spread of the Covid-19 infection within the Supreme Premises Court of India, “read the circular.
The high court has been operating only in virtual mode as Covid-19 cases increase both inside and outside the courtrooms.
According to sources, as of Saturday, more than 40 court staff members tested positive for the Covid-19 disease. The court has more than 3,400 employees.

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