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Priyanka Gandhi Holds Emergency Meeting with UP Congress Leaders Amid Rising Covid-19 Cases | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi held a meeting with Uttar Pradesh leaders on Wednesday to discuss the deterioration of the situation in the state due to the alarming Covid-19 epidemic situation.
Sonia Gandhi had called an emergency meeting of state leaders to discuss the matter and learn about the real condition of the state. The meeting took place for about two hours via videoconference.
He reiterated to the leaders that being an opposition party, it is their responsibility to continue working for the well-being of the people amid the increasing cases of Covid-19.
Addressing the meeting, Sonia said: “I think we need to get a proper report from our respective areas so that we can prepare our party’s strategy, how we can help and support the people. The opposition’s duty is to fight for rights. of the people and the Congress party is committed to that. It is a promise to the people of the state, Congress is ready to receive all possible help. ”
On the Covid-19 situation in the state, he said: “The condition in Uttar Pradesh is appalling. Surprisingly, there is a sense of total negligence on the part of the government. Testing is not allowed in private laboratories. You need a letter from the CMO to Entering a hospital. It is a double attack on people. One from Covid-19 and one from this government, such rules and regulations are creating more problems in people’s lives instead of supporting them. ”
On Tuesday, UP reported 18,021 new Covid-19 cases, while India reported the highest peak in a single day with more than 1.8 lakh of new infections.

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