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Javadekar Calls On Rich Nations Not To Seek Profits From Climate Disaster India News


NEW DELHI: Amid mounting demands to raise India’s climate action targets ahead of the 26th session of the UN climate conference (COP26), Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said Wednesday that the country It would not raise its climate ambition at the urging or under pressure (from anyone) and appealed to rich nations not to seek benefits from the disaster.
“Climate change is not a business … If climate change is a disaster, we should not profit from the disaster,” Javadekar said while speaking at a panel discussion on pushing for global action on climate change ahead of the COP26, to be held in Glasgow, UK in November. The debate was organized by the French embassy.
Referring to the clamor for greater ambition and the goal of ‘net zero’ by 2050, the minister called on the wealthy nation to first follow through on the ambition they had promised.
In this context, he also called on developed countries to provide financing and extend technological support to developing countries to help them meet their mitigation and adaptation goals to combat climate change, which he said was the “enemy common”.
In his speech, the minister touched on how India had not only met its pre-2020 voluntary targets, but also raised its ambition to achieve 450GW of renewable energy by 2030 on its own as a responsible nation.
Underlining that India is the only G20 country that preaches with the Paris climate deal, he said, “We have done more than we promised.”
Noting that many countries have forgotten their pre-2020 commitments, Javadekar in his speech reminded rich nations, primarily the United States and European countries, of their historic emissions, saying that the world is facing climate change because of what developed countries had issued in the past.
He said that India was suffering from the actions (historical emissions) of others. “Therefore, historical responsibility is an important aspect in the climate debate,” he said. He also pointed out that poor countries have the right to develop and, for this, those (developed countries) that polluted the world due to their past emissions must come forward to extend financial support and make cleaner and more affordable technology available to countries. poor and developing.

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