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Giving free Covid-19 vaccine to the poor and needy: Mayawati to the government | India News


LUCK: Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Wednesday called on the government to arrange free food and accommodation for migrant workers and workers planning to return home amid a surge in coronavirus cases. He also demanded that all those in need and poor receive the Covid-19 vaccine at no cost.
In a statement issued here on the anniversary of BR Ambedkar’s birth, Mayawati said that people plan to return home once again after the recent outbreak of coronavirus cases.
Efforts must be made to stop another exodus of migrant workers from cities, as seen during the coronavirus-induced shutdown last year.
“State governments must make proper arrangements for food and accommodation, otherwise these people could be affected by Covid-19 during the exodus. To stop this, the Center must also help state governments.”
“On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Babasaheb, it is requested that the government announce today the free vaccination of the poor and needy of the country,” he said.
She paid tribute to Ambedkar and said that this day has a special meaning for her party, as it was the day the BSP was formed to carry out the Babasaheb mission and fight against the Casteist and narrow mindsets of the people.

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