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Coronavirus: Center Cancels CBSE Class 10 Exams, Postpones Class 12 Boards | India News


NEW DELHI: Considering the increase in Covid cases and arrests expressed by students and school administrators, the Center decided on Wednesday to cancel Class 10 board exams and reschedule Class 12 meetings with a decision to be made on new dates June 1.
Decisions were made at a review meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Initial discussions considered rescheduling the Class 10 and 12 exams, but the Prime Minister is understood to have commented that the students had already suffered considerable uncertainty and further tribulations should be avoided as much as possible. The meeting decided that the Class 10 board exams would be dropped and students unhappy with their results were allowed to take the tests the next time they were taken.
The Center’s decision belongs to India’s largest board, CBSE, and the Board of School Certification Examinations of India, a private board with a much smaller number of affiliated schools, will announce its plans in the next two days. The Class 12 board exams were considered to have a significant influence on higher education options and therefore should not be ruled out at this time. One official said the assessment formulas could affect students unevenly, and the effort would be to try to take the exam at a later date.
According to CBSE officials, this is the first instance where the board has to completely discard the Class 10 exams. Last year, due to the riots in northeast Delhi and coronavirus infections, the exams were partially canceled. A formula based on test scores a student took was used to calculate the final score.
This year, 21,50,761 candidates were scheduled to take the Class 10 exams, which is almost 2.5 lakh more than in 2020. A total of 14,30,243 candidates registered for the Class 12 exams, which is almost 2.2 lakh more than last year.
The meeting to review the exams was attended by the Minister of Education, Ramesh Pokhriyal, the Prime Minister’s Chief Secretary, the Cabinet Secretary, the Secretaries of Schools and Higher Education and other senior officials.
With active Covid-19 cases crossing the 13 lakh mark, TOI reported Tuesday that the government was reviewing the Board’s examination schedule. At Wednesday’s meeting, it was decided that the board examinations for Class 12, scheduled to take place from May 4 to June 14, will be rescheduled and the CBSE will conduct a further review of the situation on June 1. Notice will be given at least 15 days before the start of the exams.
The CBSE will prepare objective criteria for Class 10 results. Any candidate who is dissatisfied with their scores on this basis will have the opportunity to sit for an exam when conditions are conducive to taking it.
Many principals and educators welcomed the decision, while others demanded that the criteria be decided in consultation with stakeholders. Parents also raised concerns about the delay in the schedule for Class 12, saying that the board’s exams will be canceled or a schedule announced soon to ease student anxiety.
“It is a wise decision made by the government with the welfare and safety of our children in mind, which is paramount,” said Sunita Tanwar, DPS Director, Dwarka.
But for many students, the decision to postpone the Class 12 exams has raised new concerns. Ashna Mehta, Class 12 student from RN Podar, Santa Cruz, Mumbai, said: “Only 15 days advance notice will be given. According to the previously notified schedule, the exam was supposed to start in May and we we were preparing accordingly. So either the board immediately cancels the exam or gives us at least a month before announcing the dates. ”
Science students are also preparing for the medical entrance tests and the delay in announcing the dates will have an impact on their preparation for NEET. Some have enrolled in foreign universities and the uncertainty will only add to the stress, some students felt. However, with fears that the exams would turn into wide-spread events, there were few options in this regard, an official said.
Demands for cancellation of the board’s exams were raised from various quarters. Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday called on the Center to cancel the exams, saying it could contribute to a large-scale spread of the coronavirus. More than two lakhs of students had signed an online petition demanding the cancellation of the exams and #cancelboardexams has also been trending on Twitter for a week.

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