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The hotel industry reaches out to all states and seeks support for the most affected companies | India News


NEW DELHI: The Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India has written to all ministers and chief secretaries asking them to support the survival and revival of the hospitality sector, severely affected by the rise of the coronavirus and the consequent restrictions on travel.
In a letter to all the chief ministers and heads of bureaucracy in the states, FHRAI called for the abolition of the policy of imposing blanket bans or selective restrictions on Hospitability establishments. Instead, the representative body said that establishments should receive relaxations or exemptions from legal payments, such as electricity charges, property taxes and consumer license fees, among others. He also demanded that hotel industry workers be treated as front-line crown warriors and that vaccination be given priority, and that wedding invitation cards be allowed instead of curfew passes, for individuals. who attend weddings.
“The impact of Covid-19 on the hotel industry has been extremely disturbing… To date, 30% of hotels and restaurants in the country have closed permanently due to financial losses and more than 20% of hotels and restaurants have not They have completely reopened. The remaining 50% continues to generate losses and revenues are below 50% of pre-Covid levels, ”said Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, Vice President of FHRAI.
The country’s representative body for hotels and restaurants also said the hospitality sector has been a “soft target” for local restrictions despite the fact that establishments have maintained high standards of quality and hygiene. They also said that while hospitality establishments are separate and subject to restrictions, manufacturing industries employing several thousand are allowed to operate.
The hotel industry is one of the top contributors to the nation’s GDP and its profits were hugely affected due to Covid-19. Tourism and hospitality accounted for around 10% of GDP, supported around 90 million jobs, and generated foreign exchange earnings (FEE) amounting to Rs 1.94 million lakhs (US $ 29.96 billion). ) in 2019.

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