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SC rejects “frivolous” plea about verses of the Koran | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed UP Shia’s former Waqf Central Board chief Waseem Rizwi’s request for the deletion of 26 verses of the Holy Quran and fined him 50,000 rupees for filing an “absolutely frivolous petition “.
A bench of judges RF Nariman, BR Gavai and Hrishikesh Roy indicated that they were not willing to accept their request and asked Rizwi’s lawyer if he still wanted to argue. As the lawyer persisted in his presentation and pleaded with the court to ask the Center and the Board of Madarsa to present a response for imparting teachings from the Qur’an that allegedly promote violence and terrorism.
“Are you taking the petition seriously and do you want to keep pushing for the petition?” The court asked defender RK Raizada, immediately after the case went to hearing. He said he was pushing for direction on the issue of teaching an incorrect version that called for violence in government-recognized madrasas.

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