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Mumbai Police Prepare to Dismiss Waze from Service Without “Department Investigation” | India News


MUMBAI: City police are in the process of firing Assistant Police Inspector Sachin Waze from the service following a report by the NIA about his involvement in the placing of explosives on a Scorpio near the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani and the subsequent murder of the vehicle owner.
Mumbai Police will invoke the provisions of Article 311 (2) of the Constitution to remove Waze. Section 311 deals with the firing, removal, or reduction of rank of employees in civil functions under the Union or a state. Under the article, the competent authority has the power to dismiss an official who makes mistakes in the general interest. If the authority is convinced that the official can be removed, it has the power to act without conducting a departmental investigation.
“In the normal course, the competent authority has to carry out a departmental investigation and obtain proof of the charges before firing an officer. But in some cases, this condition can be waived if the witnesses to be questioned against said officer are likely to fear him or there is a death threat to testify against the officer because of the position he holds. Then the officer can be fired, ”said defender Arvind Bandiwadekar.
“We have received the NIA report on Waze’s involvement and the invocation of UAPA. Waze was involved in anti-national activities (planting explosives), which is enough material to proceed with his dismissal. We have started the process and we are taking a legal opinion, ”said a senior IPS official. Waze’s tainted past, including its role in the 2002 death in custody of blast defendant Khwaja Yunus, and the 17-year suspension will also be taken into account, an official said. Sources said an internal investigation also found that Waze has illegally extorted people while investigating high-profile cases.

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