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‘Inefficient’: scathing letter from UP minister to health officials amid Covid crisis | India News


LUCK: UP Law Minister Brijesh Pathak has expressed his distress over stressed health facilities amid the rise of Covid in a letter to senior health officials.
He also said he desperately tried to save the life of prominent historian and writer Yogesh Praveen, but his efforts proved futile.
In his letter to the additional chief secretary of medical health, Amit Mohan Prasad, and the chief secretary of medical education, Alok Kumar, Pathak writes: “I am surprised to see that private laboratories have been asked to stop testing for Covid while government hospitals are reporting after six days, ”said Pathak.
In the one-page letter, Pathak, who is MLA from Lucknow, regretted receiving a desperate call from Yogesh Praveen’s residence, informing him that his condition was critical and he needed an ambulance.
“I contacted the medical director’s office, Lucknow, but the ambulance never arrived,” he added.
In his letter, the law minister further expressed concern that when at least 17,000 test kits were needed per day for the coronavirus test, only 10,000 were available.
“I am inundated with requests, desperate pleas from the citizens of Lucknow to save their lives, and I often find the district health authorities to be insensitive and inefficient,” Pathak said, adding that higher authorities should immediately intervene to put the medical infrastructure in order as soon as possible.
When TOI asked Yogesh Praveen’s brother Kamesh Srivastava about the ambulance delay, he denied it. “I got a call from the ambulance driver who was very far away. Anticipating that valuable time could be lost waiting, we took him to the hospital. I have no complaints with anyone about it ”.
Kamesh also ruled out the possibility of Covid-19 in his brother, although he had not performed the test. “He was fine. He had no history of any kind of age- or lifestyle-related ailment. Except for the slight fever he had in the morning, there was no problem. He hadn’t ventured out of the house for the last few years. 15 days and only a few were allowed in. So the chances of Covid-19 taking it away are negligible, “said the brother.

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