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Government asks shopping centers and airports to ensure that toys that do not belong to the BIS are not sold | India News


NEW DELHI: The government standards organization has asked all shopping malls and airports to ensure that non-BIS certified toys are not sold within their facilities. Indian has banned the sale of non-BIS certified toys as of January 1.
The head of the Bureau of Standards of India (BIS), Pramod Kumar Tiwari, said that they have sensitized stakeholders about the new standard and full compliance. He said that so far 250 toy manufacturers have obtained BIS certification. Just seven months ago, there was not a single BIS certified manufacturer in India.
The sources said that about 100 foreign companies have applied for licenses, but so far none of them have obtained them. They added that the main objective of making BIS certification mandatory was to boost national manufacturing.
Meanwhile, in its bid to ensure that small industries and manufacturing units comply with BIS standards, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs announced a 50% discount on the minimum marking fee for micro-industry, startups and enterprising women. Additionally, former BIS licensees will also get an additional 10% discount. “The intention is to encourage small businesses to ensure that their products meet BIS standards,” said Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan.
The minimum annual markup fee for a new license varies from product to product. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs said that BIS services are now available at no cost to everyone.
Tiwari also said that 35,000 jewelers have registered with the BIS so far and they expect these figures to reach almost 1 lakh in June. The government has set the June deadline for the implementation of the mandatory gold jewelry and artifacts seal.

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