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The Center’s strategy to control Covid was extended by a ‘monumental failure’: Congress | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress alleged on Monday that the BJP-led central government’s strategy to control the spread of Covid-19 was a “monumental failure” and said that as people die across the country, the leadership of the saffron party is busy campaigning for elections.
Congress spokesman Ajoy Kumar said that the people of the country will not forgive the BJP for such a dangerous situation and called for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign to be expanded.
“The country wants to know, what did the Prime Minister do during the last 385 days, apart from politics? Patients are suffering, patients are dying, what is the Prime Minister planning for the weaker sectors of this country? Is there some kind of will provide a safety net, “Kumar asked.
The country will never forgive the BJP for its “monumental failure in controlling the spread of Covid, which is taking a dangerous turn,” he told reporters.
Kumar asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi when the health minister will stop “trolling” top ministers from opposition-run states to ask for vaccines.
He said the government should approve more vaccines and increase vaccine manufacturing capacity.
The congressional leader said that India has broken new records in terms of Covid-19 cases and has become the second country with the most coronavirus-infected patients.
“I was expecting to see the photo of my prime minister having a meeting in the war room with all the health experts on how to fight Covid, but I saw great news that said that today he is campaigning in three places in West Bengal. it is the BJP model of governance, “he claimed.
Assembly elections in West Bengal began on March 27 and four of the eight phases of the ballot box have been completed.
Kumar said that thousands of children will appear in the CBSE exams and their parents are also under a lot of stress due to the current situation, but there is no response from this government.

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