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Second wave that spreads to more states; MP, Punjab lags behind in vaccination: Report | India News


MUMBAI: More Indian states are experiencing the “second wave” of Covid-19 infections, while Madhya Pradesh and Punjab are “lagging” in vaccination, according to a report Monday.
The Crisil rating agency’s investigative wing report said the top six states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat now only contribute 66 percent of new cases in the week ending 11. April, up from 75 percent. cent in the previous week.
“… the dispersion indicates that more and more states are beginning to experience the second wave,” it said in the note.
A day after new infections surpassed 1.5 lakh, the note said that increased testing may be one reason for the increase, while the other is a higher positivity rate that now stands at the 10.6% of those analyzed compared to 6.4% at the peak of the first wave in September 2020.
“India’s second Covid-19 wave is spreading faster than the first and into more states,” he said, adding that it has already impacted mobility in states. General mobility increased by a marginal 0.7 percent in the week to April 11, while it decreased by 5.2 percentage points in Maharashtra.
Gujarat and Chhattisgarh, which are among the worst affected in the second wave, have vaccinated relatively more people per million as of April 11, but “Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, which continue to show a high growth rate in new cases, are they are being left behind. ” saying.
The traffic congestion index for major cities in some of the worst affected states – Mumbai (Maharashtra), Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – has plummeted in recent weeks and is returning to levels seen throughout the country. . closing last April, he said.
Meanwhile, foreign brokerage Barclays said there may be a 0.2 percentage point reduction in real GDP if mobility restrictions and weekend closures continue in states like Maharashtra for two months.
However, the brokerage said that for now it continues to maintain its GDP estimate at 11 percent.
“India is experiencing a dramatic increase in active Covid-19 cases, with new infection rates now well above previous highs seen in September 2020. The breadth of the crisis is also widening, with more states reporting. positivity rates are on the rise and mobility restrictions and selective closures are being implemented to control infection rates, ”he said.
The brokerage said it expects India to vaccinate 300 million people in August and increase to 500 million by the end of 2021. PTI AA

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