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HC annuls Uttarakhand’s order to charge police officers with prisons | India News


NAINITAL: On Monday, the Uttarakhand HC reversed orders issued by both the house secretary and IG prisons that awarded additional senior superintendent and superintendent of prisons positions to police officers who are also tasked with upholding the law and the order.
Chief Justice RS Chauhan’s court and Justice Alok Kumar Verma also ordered the state government to immediately fill these positions “either through direct hiring or through promotions.” He said that since the rules allow ad-hoc promotions as temporary measures, “it can be granted by the state until regular promotions are made.” The entire exercise, he said, should preferably be completed within a month.
The instructions came as the court was listening to a PIL contesting the decisions. He had contested the two orders issued by Interior Secretary Nitesh Kumar Jha that charged police officers with additional charges, as well as the order issued by IG (Prison), AP Anshuman, ordering officers to take over their posts.
The petition said the measure “effectively blurs the line between prisons and the police department, which must be separate.” According to the petitioners, “handing over the charge of the prisons to the police department goes against the fundamental principle of a free and fair trial, since the police department could exert extrajudicial pressure on the accused, since they will investigate the case and handle judicial custody as well “.
Although it annulled the orders, the court held that they go against the ‘Nelson Mandela Rules’ issued by the UN and the recommendations of various committees.

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