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Give everyone the vaccine, stop ‘eventbaazi’: Rahul Gandhi to Prime Minister Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday called on Prime Minister Modi to ensure that everyone in the country receives the coronavirus vaccine and advised him to stop the ‘eventbaazi’.
“Modi Ji, you said we will win the fight against the crown in 18 days. You got people to ring the bells, bang thalis, turn on the light on his mobile phone. Corona kept moving forward,” Rahul said in reference to the government. steps last year when the coronavirus started spreading in India.
“Now there is a second wave in the country and thousands of people are getting infected. Please stop the eventbaazi and get the vaccine to everyone who needs it,” Rahul said.

The congressional leader also called on the Modi government to stop the export of the coronavirus vaccine and provide economic support to the poor sector of our society.

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