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Failed to observe ‘Tika Utsav’ correctly due to ‘low and uncertain’ vaccine supply – Odisha minister | India News


BHUBANESWAR: Noting that Odisha has failed to observe “Tika Ustav” correctly due to the “low and uncertain” supply of vaccines, the state government on Monday urged the Center to urgently provide at least 25 lakh of vaccines as an emergency measure. .
This was stated by the Odisha Minister of Health and Family Welfare, NK Das, who wrote the second letter to the Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan, in less than seven days.
“We cannot properly observe the tika ustav for the extremely low and erratic supply of Covid-19 vaccines to the state,” Das said in the letter to Vardhan.
Like opening day, tika utsav underperformed on Odisha Monday.
A senior official in the department of health and family welfare said that as many as 1,40,061 people were vaccinated Monday at 824 vaccination sites.
The vaccination campaign was carried out at more than 1,400 session sites for healthcare workers, frontline workers, seniors and people over 45 years of age.
As of Sunday, 900 of these centers remained closed due to unavailability of vaccine doses.
On Monday, although the situation was a little better, the special vaccination campaign could be carried out in 824 centers of more than 1400 of them.
Stating that Odisha has received 48,08,650 doses of vaccines comprising 42,71,870 doses of Covisheild and 3,36,780 Covaxin, the minister had said in the morning that there are currently no stocks in the state vaccine stores (SVS), store of region vaccines (RDS). ) and the District Vaccine Store (DVS).
However, only 1,59,439 doses of Covishield and 71,000 doses of Covaxin are available in process statewide.
I would like to inform you that on April 3, Odisha conducted 1,476 vaccination sessions and vaccinated 2,71,480 beneficiaries in a single day.
“However, since then, due to the short and uncertain supply of vaccines from the union health ministry, we have been forced to close about half (more than 700) of our vaccination centers,” Das told Vardhan in the letter.
Das also said that “They will appreciate that with such low and uncertain vaccine supplies, it is impossible for us to schedule sessions in advance or mobilize people with confidence.”
Therefore, Das said that the state’s daily utilization has dropped to 1 lakh, although Odisha has the capacity to do 3 lakh of vaccinations a day.
He said: “Urgent supply of at least 10 days of Covisheild stock (25 lakh dose) is requested as an emergency measure to allow us to plan the sessions and carry out the vaccination program effectively.”
A senior official with the state health department later in the day said the state received 2.71 lakh doses of Covishield on Monday.

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