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‘Covaxin and Covishield work against UK tension’ | India News

NEW DELHI: Both Covaxin and Covishield, the two Covid vaccines in use in India, are effective against the UK variant, which is one of the two predominant mutations found in the country, senior officials said. Authorities said there has been no Indian variant so far, as only one double mutation has been found in Maharashtra. Multiple mutations are required for a new variant to be recognized as such and have a noticeable impact.
So far, three “imported variants” have been detected in India: UK, South Africa and Brazil. During the genome sequencing of the samples, the total number of cases with these variants of the Covid-19 virus totals 948 as of Monday night.
The presence of variants from the UK and South Africa is more in the sequences of samples in India, while very few samples have tested positive for the Brazilian variant.
“Covaxin is effective against the British and Brazilian variant, Covishield is effective against the British variant, but we are awaiting their efficacy data against the Brazilian strain. The South African variant has not been cultivated so far, ”an official told TOI. Although there have been concerns that double mutations are the cause of the spread in Maharashtra and whether it may be an Indian strain, officials said the data so far does not support that conclusion.
ICMR researchers continue to study whether double mutations are causing more rapid transmission of the infection, an official said.
“The virus can continue to mutate and generate new variants. It is a normal process, but it takes multiple mutations to produce a new variant. Although the variants have a role in being more infectious, the remedy or measures to combat them remain the same, ”said the official.

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