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Congressional Leader Among Attacks Targets, Bombs Found As Phase 5 Survey Looms | India News


Clashes, attacks and the recovery of weapons and ammunition on Sunday marked the run-up to the fifth phase of the West Bengal elections scheduled for Saturday.
Most of the clashes were between the Trinamool Congress and the BJP. The trend was broken in Malda, where a confrontation broke out between Congress and Trinamool supporters. Congressional veteran Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury (Dalu) was allegedly attacked by “Trinamool thugs” on the way back from a political meeting in Fulbaria.
Abu Hasem escaped unharmed, but Manikchak’s congressional candidate Mottakin Alam’s vehicle was badly damaged. Congressional workers blocked roads throughout the Malda district in protest.
In Nadia, a chairman of the BJP booth in Bandowan, Subho Saha, was seriously injured after alleged Trinamool thugs attacked him as he was returning from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally on Saturday. Another BJP worker, also returning from the Modi meeting, was attacked with acid near the Krishnagar church. Sen alleged that Trinamool’s thugs attacked him.

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