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Boasts Empty, Rhetoric Will Not Succeed Against Covid-19: P Chidambaram Targets Center | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional Senior Leader P Chidambaram criticized his Covid-19 vaccination strategy at the Center on Monday, stating that the government it is trying to cover up its enormous failure to manage the supply and distribution of the vaccine.
In a series of tweets, the deputy for Rajaya Sabha said: “Empty bragging, rhetoric and hyperbole will not succeed against the virus. The government is trying to cover up its huge failure in managing the supply and distribution of vaccines.” .

With several states reporting Covid-19 vaccine shortages, Congress has been questioning the Center’s inoculation strategy. In a recent meeting with top ministers of congressional-ruled states and senior party officials, Acting Congress President Sonia Gandhi has argued that the government has mishandled the situation, exported vaccines and allowed it to be believed a shortage in the country.
Questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the war on coronavirus, Chidambaram said: “Remember, the day after the prime minister announced the first lockdown, he claimed that the war against Covid will be won in 21 days, compared to the Mahabharata war that was won in 18 days? What happened to that war? ”
In addition, he criticized the government for celebrating the vaccination campaign as a ‘festival‘(utsav) and asked what it is: a celebration or a war.
“One day, the government calls the vaccination campaign a ‘festival’ (Utsav). Another day, it calls the campaign ‘the second war’. What is it?” He also questioned.
Aiming to vaccinate the maximum number of eligible people against Covid-19, India launched the four-day ‘Tika Utsav’ vaccination festival on Sunday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi called ‘Tika Utsav’ the beginning of the second great war against the crown.
Meanwhile, India registered 1,68,912 new cases of Covid-19 on Monday, 75,086 discharges and 904 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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