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Now, Andhra Pradesh CM will be the IAS appraisal authority, IPS officials | India News


VIJAYAWADA: In a move that would put the career prospects of IAS and IPS officers directly under the control of one politician, the AP government on Saturday issued orders changing the rules of duty for duty officers across India.
With this, the CM now has the authority to accept annual performance appraisal reports. Until now, the Chief Secretary was the authority that accepted the evaluation reports from IAS and IPS officials. This is perhaps the first time in the country that a state government has issued orders granting the power to “accept authority” to the prime minister. Under the new orders, the chief secretary is the “review authority” for the annual assessment reports of service officers from all over India, while the department heads are the “reporting authority”. The final decision whether or not to accept the appraisal reports rests with the CM.
However, sources said that the validity of these orders is doubtful and that the central government’s Personnel and Training Department, which controls All India Service officers, might not accept this if someone defies the orders.
In the orders, the state government said the changes have been made to “ensure uniformity and executive control over the administration for the effective provision of public services.” Former bureaucrats, however, are divided on whether the GO would stand up to legal scrutiny. Some fear that the administration will weaken from within, as IAS and IPS officials may not comply with the hierarchy, as their assessment would be approved by the chief minister himself. K Prabhakar Reddy, a former IAS officer, who served in the CMO, told TOI that, to his knowledge, no CM in India has made such provisions.

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