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Maharashtra administers more than 1cr dose, the highest in the country | India News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra reached a major Covid-19 milestone on Sunday by crossing the one crore mark in doses of vaccine administered, the highest of any state. It took just under 70 days for the state to cover nearly a third of the target population with at least one dose, authorities said. Rajasthan is a close second with almost 96lakh of doses administered.
Maharashtra’s Chief Health Secretary Dr Pradeep Vyas said this is a great achievement amid a raging pandemic, saying that around 86.3% of healthcare workers and 72.7% of frontline workers have received at least the first dose of the vaccine. “Until now, about 19.7% of the population has been covered in the age category over 45 years old,” he added.
The state’s target population for the vaccine is estimated at three million rupees.
As of midday Sunday, Maharashtra had administered 1,00,38,421 doses, including more than 71lakh to those over 45, 15.52lakh to healthcare workers and 12.50lakh to frontline workers. Of the one crore doses, 89.7 lakh were given the first dose and 9.5 lakh both doses, leading experts to say that Maharashtra’s population coverage per lakh was lower than in other states such as Rajasthan.
Vaccination coverage that had stalled last week due to dose shortages is likely to rebound as of Monday. Dr Vyas said the state had around nine lakh doses on Sunday morning. “We are likely to get a 14 lakh dose on Monday,” he said. Out of just 18,338 vaccinations on the first day of the national campaign on January 16, daily vaccinations soared to 4.6lakh on April 3. However, momentum was badly hit last week by vaccine shortages that cut daily coverage to 2.8lakh on Saturday and 2.7lakh on Friday. A state official said Maharashtra needs a steady supply of 40 lakh doses each week to keep up and increase daily vaccinations to six lakhs.
In Mumbai, civic officials said 62 of 71 private vaccination centers will begin vaccination on Monday. Vaccination at all private centers stalled on Friday due to dose shortages.

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