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India Bans Export of Remdesivir Injection Amid Rise in Covid Cases | India News


NEW DELHI: India on Sunday banned the export of Remdesivir injection until the Covid-19 situation improves in the country.
The government in a statement said that all domestic manufacturers of Remdesivir have been recommended to display details of their stockists / distributors on their website to facilitate access to the drug.
Drug inspectors and other officials have been ordered to check stocks and also take steps to curb hoarding and black marketing.
The Department of Pharmaceutical Products has contacted national manufacturers to increase the production of Remdesivir.
States and UT have been informed that the steps should be communicated again to all hospitals, both public and private sector, and compliance monitored.
The alarming increase in Covid cases in the country has caused a sudden increase in demand for the Remdesivir injection used to treat Covid patients.
Seven Indian companies have licensed the drug from Gilead Sciences, with an installed capacity of approximately 3.9 million units per month.

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