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Health Secretary Writes Maharashtra, Punjab, Chhattisgarh About Rise Of Covid | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote to the states of Maharashtra, Punjab and Chhattisgarh on Sunday about the increasing cases of Covid-19.
India is in the midst of a second wave of Covid, as it reported more than 1 lakh of new infections for the fifth day in a row on Sunday. While Maharashtra has led the rise in cases, accounting for about half of active cases in the country, Punjab and Chhattisgarh have also recently emerged as large contributors to India’s Covid case burden.
In light of this, the central government had dispatched 50 high-level multidisciplinary public health teams to 50 districts in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Punjab on April 6.
Here’s what the health secretary told the three states in his letters to the senior secretaries:
‘Containment operations are suboptimal in Maharashtra, acute shortage of health workers in some districts’
Based on comments from the center team, Bhushan, in his letter to Maharashtra, said that “containment operations were found to be suboptimal in Satara, Sangli and Aurangabad, with less than satisfactory perimeter control, lack of active surveillance for flu-like illnesses. ” (ILI). Surveillance and contact tracing efforts were found to be suboptimal in Buldhana, Satara, Aurgangabad and Nanded, mainly due to a shortage of personnel involved in this task. ”
“Teams from Aurangabad, Nandurabar, Yawatmal, Satara, Palghar, Jalgoan, Jalna districts have reported a severe shortage of health personnel. There is a need to accelerate the recruitment of health workers and the hiring of contract health workers,” Bhushan wrote. .
The health secretary also said the Center has taken note of problems related to the availability of vaccines in the state.
‘Need to improve focus on contact tracing in Patiala, Ludhiana, slow rate of vaccination’
For Punjab, Bhushan directed the state administration to seek to improve its focus on contract tracing, with particular emphasis on Ludhiana and Patiala.
“There is a need to improve the focus on contact tracing in Patiala and Ludhiana. Contact tracing and surveillance efforts at SAS Nagar are hampered due to labor shortages. Additional manpower must be deployed to trace contacts from priority way, “wrote Bhushan.
“Patiala and Ludhiana’s team have reported a slow rate of vaccination against Covid-19 among people> 45 years (with comorbidities) and those older than 60 years. This also needs to be addressed with priority,” Bhushan said.
‘Lack of perimeter control in containment zones, high occupancy of hospital beds’
Meanwhile, in the letter to Chhattisgarh, Bhushan said he received comments from the core team that aim to strictly maintain containment zones.
“The team from Raipur, Jashpur has reported lack of perimeter control in the containment zones. There does not appear to be any restriction on the movement of people within the containment zones. Therefore, the Containment Zone, including micro-zones of containment, it must be strictly enforced. ” Bhushan said.
“Hospital bed occupancy rates are high in Balod, Raipur, Durg and Mahasamund districts. The district administration must. Increase hospital infrastructure and other logistical requirements to meet any demand arising due to increased cases. From Similarly, the shortage of Remdesivir, low molecular weight heparin needs urgent attention in Korba district, “wrote Bhushan.

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