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As ‘Tika Utsav’ gets going, Modi calls for optimal use of vaccination capacity | India News


NEW DELHI: When the four-day ‘Tika Utsav’ (vaccine festival) he had called got underway, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on Sunday for optimal utilization of the country’s vaccination capacity.
“We have to move towards an optimal use of the country’s vaccination capacity. This is also a way to increase our capacity, “said the prime minister, adding:” Our success will be determined by our awareness of the ‘micro-containment zone’, of not leaving home when there is no need, when those eligible are vaccinated. And it will also depend on whether we wear masks and follow other rules. ”
Calling accelerated vaccination the second round of the fight against Covid-19, the prime minister proposed a four-point action plan: ‘each, vaccinate one’, ‘each, treat one’, ‘each , save one ‘and designation and execution of “micro-containment zones”. On the first day of the vaccination campaign, coinciding with the anniversary of the birth of the social reformer Jyotiba Phule, Modi reiterated that the application of the ‘micro-containment’ zones with the help of the infected and their families was crucial to control the second wave of infections
The four-day vaccination campaign will conclude on the birthday of Dalit icon and main framer of the Constitution BR Ambedkar. “This festival is, in a way, the beginning of another great war against the crown. We have to put special emphasis on personal and social hygiene, “said the prime minister in a letter to the country.
The prime minister explained that his focus on ‘each, vaccinate one’ was meant to enlist the help of the people to motivate and help the poorly educated and the elderly who couldn’t go to the vaccination centers themselves. themselves to receive vaccines. He also said that ‘each one treats one’ was an exhortation to guide those who do not have knowledge about vaccination centers and may not have the means to access them. “As part of ‘each but one’, the use of masks should be emphasized so that people do not spread infections and risk the lives of others,” the prime minister said.
Speaking about the importance of micro-containment zones, he said: “Family members and individuals in society should create a ‘micro-containment zone’ where a case of positive corona has been reported.”
Suggesting zero vaccine waste, Modi said society and administration should do everything possible to ensure that vaccines are administered to eligible individuals.

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