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Touts prey on homebound migrants | India News


MUMBAI: Munnalal Giri has been trying to get a ticket on any train that passes through the Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh since Maharashtra announced its mini-closure this week, without success. With confirmed tickets already booked in advance, he had no choice but to resort to a tout. “Resellers are offering train tickets to UP at almost five times the fare. The price is usually around 450 rupees, but it sells for 2,200 rupees, ”Giri said. He works as a loader of wood and metal equipment in a shop in the Asalpha area of ​​Ghatkopar. “The seth will close the store. So where will I go and how will I win? “he asks.
Maharashtra’s pandemic brakes coincided with trips for the harvest season in UP and gram panchayat polls beginning in mid-April. As a result, many migrants had already booked train tickets in advance. Now, with the closing of shops, restaurants and markets, the demand for tickets from migrants desperate to return home has skyrocketed even more.
With only Rs 1,000 in her pocket, Giri couldn’t afford the tout and plans to travel without a ticket. “If they catch me, the fine will be less than the money charged by the tout,” he reasons. However, with the Central Railroad banning platform ticket sales at key stations for outbound trains on Friday, the possibilities of ticketless travel have dimmed.
Mahboob Khan, a Jarimari tailor in Saki Naka, said the fees agents charge for tatkal tickets have also skyrocketed. “The agents are charging 3,500 rupees for a tatkal ticket on UP trains,” he said. Khan works in a garment factory and is not sure how long it will stay open.

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