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Net BJP Focuses More On Polls Than Curbing Covid: Akhilesh | India News

LUCK: Holding the ruling BJP in UP solely responsible for the “devastation” caused by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the head of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav, attacked the “star activist of the BJP” on Saturday for concentrating more in the West Bengal elections than in preparing the state to counter the rapid rise in Covid-19 infections.
“Look at the state of affairs at UP. The government is unable to submit test results on time, leaving critically ill patients missing the initial ‘golden hours’ of aggressive treatment. Hospitals do not have beds. Aren’t people left unattended by the roadside to die? “, I ask.
Instead of focusing on the needs of the health and medical department to counteract the rise in infections in advance, the ‘BJP star activist’ was busy beating his chest at election rallies in West Bengal about the ‘false achievements’ of their rule based on falsehood, ”Yadav said, addressing a press conference at the party’s Lucknow headquarters.
“The people of the state are suffering and there seems to be no way out for the common man. Those who have a duty to bring relief to the people are campaigning for elections, ”he said.
Mocking the ‘Teeka Utsav’ announcement to push for vaccination, Akhilesh said the government should first simplify its vaccination paraphernalia. “The state government wants to manage ‘Teeka Utsav’ as an event, but it should first clarify what happened in Shamli, where a woman went to get vaccinated. What vaccine was given? The government should have focused on training paramedics and technicians in handling vaccination. The inoculation centers are closing because they have run out of vaccine stocks, “he said.
“Instead of preparing for the second wave of infection in advance, all the government did was pat itself on the back for whatever it is they claim to have done when the pandemic started. It is another matter that they do not want to talk about the rampant corruption that has happened in the purchase of medical equipment and medicines throughout the state since April 2020, “he alleged, adding:” But we will talk about this corruption later. For now, the need of the moment is to attend to all those who need medical attention ”.

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