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Faced with the Chinese threat, Japan wants to boost ties with India | India News


NEW DELHI: India and Japan seek to hold their second 2 + 2 defense and foreign affairs ministerial meeting as they seek to deepen their defense and security ties. Official sources said the government is working on the option of holding the talks before a visit proposed by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga later this month.
Faced with increasing Chinese intrusions into the East China Sea, where the countries are embroiled in a dispute over the uninhabited Senkaku / Diaoyu islands, controlled by Japan, Tokyo has been eager to resume physical engagements with India. The finalization of the dates for Suga’s inaugural visit could depend on the Covid situation here.
A report from Japan’s NHK said on Saturday that as China continues to assert itself in the region, the Japanese government increasingly looks to India as a partner who shares basic values ​​and can help work towards a free Indo-Pacific and open.
Suga will travel to Washington next week to meet with United States President Joe Biden on April 16. Suga has been speaking his thoughts about the South China Sea, Xinjiang and Hong Kong and even mentioned them in a phone conversation with Prime Minister Modi before the first one. Quad Summit earlier this year. It was reported last week that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned Japan not to get involved in politics between the United States and China.

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