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Congress and BJP fight again for Rafale | India News


On Friday, Congress and the BJP again faced an assertion by a French media portal about the Rafale Dassault maker’s alleged payments to an intermediary to secure the order for Indian fighter jets.
Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should answer who received bribes in the deal, even as his party claimed the contract caused a loss of more than 21 billion rupees. “Dear students, the prime minister said answer questions without fear and without nervousness. Ask him to do the same: Who took the money in the Rafale corruption scandal? Who removed the anti-corruption clauses from the contract? Who gave intermediaries access to key documents from the Ministry of Defense? “Rahul tweeted. Priyanka also tweeted the same questions to the prime minister.
In response to the allegations, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted: “After failing as a part-time politician, has Rahul Gandhi switched to full-time lobbying? First, he lobbied for the fighter jet companies by trying to derail India’s procurement program. Now, he is lobbying pharmaceutical companies for arbitrary approvals for foreign vaccines. ”

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