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A look at what the new Rajpath buildings will look like | India News


NEW DELHI: New office buildings to be constructed and replaced along the Rajpath will get an identical and elegant look. Tenders for the first three buildings of this type with more facilities will come out next week, as the Central Department of Public Works (CPWD) received the go-ahead from the Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) and the Conservation Committee of the Heritage (HCC), sources said. .
The three buildings, which will be built on the site where IGNCA is currently located, would cost around 3,200 million rupees, TOI has learned. These buildings will have large entrance and exit doors, and the porches will be long and spacious enough to accommodate more than a dozen cars at a time. The government has not yet finalized the names of these future buildings that will be under the Common Central Secretariat (CCS), although sources said each building would receive a name.
“A proper study has been conducted to assess how many people and vehicles are entering and leaving existing office complexes on a daily basis. The entry and exit points in future buildings have been planned to meet those requirements, ”said a source. He added that estimates suggest that the number of people riding Metro Rail to reach these office buildings may increase to 50% compared to 40% today.
Therefore, a robust underground transit facility has been planned for office goers, linking all the buildings to be erected along the Rajpath. “There will be adequate security arrangements to verify the identity of office goers and to search before they enter buildings from basements,” said a source.
The office space will be created to meet the latest IT and modern requirements and there will be a uniform standard when creating the workstations. For example, all the rooms of the joint secretaries will be of a standard unlike the current norms, said a source. “The goal of creating that office space is to help increase worker efficiency by providing the necessary facilities,” said another official.
TOI on January 1 had reported how these buildings in the Common Central Secretariat will have space for yoga, a gym, a nursery, a pharmacy and a first aid center.
The government has also prepared a roadmap to improve the geometry of all roundabouts and roads leading to the Rajpath and office buildings to meet future traffic demand.
Currently, 30 ministries are located in Central Vista, while about 27 ministries have offices outside of Vista. The plan is to bring all of the more than 50 ministries together in one place.

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